A Wellness Mission

Like many women, I've always been a bit of a skin care junkie.  From high-end department store brands, to drugstore options, to the somewhat purer choices available at natural markets, I've tried them all, once or twice spending as much as $165 on a jar of moisturizer.  But it wasn't until I found and started using simple, small batch products formulated by skin-savvy herbalists and similarly passionate individuals, that I really started noticing a difference in my skin!  And so I began a quest for truly effective holistic products that could rejuvenate my skin following a traumatic period in my life that included three major surgeries, chemo and radiation -- things that can really mess with your appearance and your self-esteem.

I was aware that a lot of skin care products, including some labeled "natural," contained harsh and even dangerous ingredients that I absolutely wanted to avoid.  But one thing I was surprised to find out, is how reasonably priced some truly great, natural cosmetics can be. Until my quest began, I hadn't given much thought to the amount of packaging and advertising that goes into marketing skin care products -- from celebrity spokesmodels, to full page ads in every major fashion and women's magazine, to tote bags and other promotional gifts.  And I suddenly realized -- that's a lot of what you and I are paying for, which helped me understand that, without that kind of overhead, great products don't have to to be expensive.

Soon my bathroom vanity was happily cluttered with the most amazing smelling creams and serums and scrubs that, with consistent use over time, began to nuture my skin back to a healthy, youthful glow like nothing else ever had.  And that's when the idea for Healing Finds was born -- the idea that I wanted to share these remarkable finds with others who, perhaps because of illness or medical treatments or simply living in very harsh climates or environments, are also looking for products that will make a real difference in the health of their skin and how they feel about themselves.  

Here's to all of us seekers of glowing health and beautiful skin!



Deanna Baldwin
Deanna Baldwin