Natural Beauty

What do Sedona, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Santa Cruz, Pismo Beach, San Diego, Beverly Hills, Montana, Idaho and Alaska all have in common, besides being great places to vacation or live?


Well, they're just a few of the incredibly beautiful, soul-enriching places where the products we feature at Healing Finds are made.


Is that important? You bet!  First because where better to develop personal care products that really stand up to harsh climates and weather than the places that have those conditions? If a hand cream gets rave reviews from folks who depend on it to protect their hands during harsh Alaskan winters, or a body lotion keeps skin soft and smooth and a deodorant works great where summer's dry heat can hit 120 degrees, chances are they'll all work great for you, too!


And where better than The American West to find herbalists inspired by centuries' old Native American herbal medicines, a working ranch that has developed a line of great products based on their amazing emu oil, or a forward-thinking hair guru who cares about your health as much as your beauty?


Perhaps a third reason we've sourced our products primarily in the rugged West is a subtle belief that the West is a place of infinite possibilities. We never settle for the status quo if we think we can improve upon it, and that's one of the criteria used in selecting our products. Is this cream or lotion or soap or shampoo significantly better than what you can get elsewhere in terms of purity and performance? We honestly believe ours are!


I read an article in the L.A Times today about an upcropping of smaller markets that cater to environmentally conscious foodies by offering local fare in laid-back settings. And, in a way, that's how I think of Healing Finds – a smaller resource (in this case, an on-line store) aspiring to offer exceptional, regional products.


We're excited about our finds! They're pure, wholesome, herbal, made in the USA, and they work great! And, on top of that, they come from some beautiful places that surely inspire the dedicated folks who make them to infuse them not only with an abundance of fresh, natural, pure ingredients, but an equal abundance of surroundings-inspired passion and care.


To natural beauty!




Deanna Baldwin
Deanna Baldwin