So what's new?

Well, quite a few new products to begin, including some inspired by my continuing journey with breast cancer treatment since my re-diagnosis in 2014, the challenges brought about by some of the medications I've been on since then, and my desire to find and share wholesome solutions that have worked for me.  As an example, the oral chemotherapy medication I am currently on can cause something called hand & foot syndrome.  I won't detail it here, but if you've dealt with it, you know it can be rough. So far I've been able to avoid it with a wonderful product from Montana Emu Ranch called Workers Hand & Foot Cream -- a lusciously thick blend of 100% natural ingredients including emu oil, that quickly soaks into hands and feet to heal and protect, without the toxic ingredients in many drugstore brands.

Sunscreen is another important essential for those of us on strong medications, which can intensify the sun's rays, causing unattractive age spots and uneven skin tone.  Daily use of a healthy sunscreen -- and we have several with varying SPF factors -- will go a long way to keep your skin looking hydrated, fresh and pretty.  

So if you are concerned about hand & foot syndrome, sun damage, or other medication induced skin issues, or if you simply have a challenge keeping your skin youthful and healthy due living in a harsh environment, we speak your language and are here to help!


Deanna Baldwin
Deanna Baldwin