Why do we have so many returning customers?  And so many who order in multiples?  Read on...

Multiple Products ~  "I just opened my first order from Healing Finds. Everything smells so fresh -- none of my allergies are kicking in. I've already tried the nail polish (great), the Nourish natural lipstick (it goes on nicely and leaves a light tint which is what I prefer); and the sunscreen (no sun here today but I just had to try it)... So far, one happy customer!" 

Body Nurish Face Cream & Body Nurish Vitamin C Serum ~ "Thank you for introducing me to these products!  They've made such a difference in my skin!"

Emu Herbal Skin Cream with Manuka & Neem ~ "This cream is amazing!  It made a difference overnight in my severely dry and cracked feet!"

Power Repair Vitamin C Solution ~ "Your Vitamin C Solution is better than the $70 one I was getting from my plastic surgeon, and I can't believe the difference in price!"  

Power Repair Daily Moisturizing SunScreen ~ "This sunscreen has really diminished the sunspots on my face and the back of my hands." 

Calendula Salve ~ "Worked wonders on my sore breast from breastfeeding!  I even use it on my feet, and they are sooooo soft now!!"   

Montana Emu Ranch Nourishing Eye Cream ~ "I have extremely sensitive skin, and I love this eye cream!  It's so gentle and the results are amazing!"  

Living Blessed Rejuvenation Oil  ~ "I have 28 stitches over my right eye that nobody ever notices that Rejuvenation mended optimally." 

Body Nurish VitaNutrient Face Cream ~ "By far THE BEST moisturizer I've found for living in AZ!"

Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Pain Relief Cream ~ "Makes a noticeable difference in the pain in my fingers and wrists from being on the computer all day."

Vital Body Therapeutics CBD Pain Relief Cream & Balm  - " I love this stuff! Really melts away my aches in the back, shoulders and neck.  It's amazing!"