Chubby Chap®

The Chubby Chap® is three times larger than your average lip balm, so it won't get lost in your purse or pockets.  Easy to find, easy to apply, and easy to love!

Chubby Chap® is made with coconut oil, bees wax, honey and fragrance oils.  No petroleum or phthalate, just natural, moisturizing goodness for your lips in 6 yummy flavors, including 3 SPORT flavors with added SPF15!

.5 oz.

Available with or without added SPF15

No sunscreen, choose from:  Butter Cream, Huckleberry or Pomegranate 

SPORT (SPF15) choose from:  Twisted Tangerine, Pina Colada and Sunkissed Vanilla 


By Elli-Rose Essentials


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