Power Repair Skin Serum

A highly concentrated treatment for sun damaged and aging skin that quickly delivers high potency antioxidants into the skin cells. Protects collagen while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.  Excellent for sun damaged and aging skin.  Excellent for all skin types.

•Improves skin"s firmness

•Increases elasticity

•Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

•Gluten Free

Contains: Purified spring water,organic plant infused oils of oganic green tea and horsetail, olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil,  pure bees wax, shea butter, Vit. C ester, jojoba oil,tocotrienols (Vit. E), alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme Q-10, DMAE, buffered calcium, pure essential oils of lavadin grosso, geranium, and ylang ylang, Lecithin. Glucose and enzyme.

1 oz. pump bottle


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